You’ve Been Served Divorce Papers! On Facebook

You’ve Been Served Divorce Papers! On Facebook

When I began using Facebook in 2006 my newsfeed was inundated with status updates. “This arroz con gandules is so tasty,” one read. “Women are so complicated,”  a man complained. “Who is J.Lo dating now?” another “friend” asked. It was such a simple world, then. Now, Facebook is mostly utilized as a form of self-promotion. Whether you post hot selfies or sweet (and often times professional) pics of your bebes, you are bragging about your life and choosing to reveal your best side.

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Some people, however, use social media to deliver powerful messages. I’m not talking about inspirational quotes, chicas. One Brooklyn woman served her husband a piping hot batch of divorce papers — on Facebook! Ellanora Baidoo, 26, tried sending the divorce summons the good-old fashion way, but she did not know her husband’s mailing address. What is a woman who desperately wants out of a marriage to do? Take it to court. And that is where a Manhattan judge ruled that Ellanora can serve her husband, Sena Blood-Dzraku, on Facebook.

So the next time you catch your husband cheating, or taking one-too-many selfies (really, dude?) remember this story. If he evades your calls when you attempt to give him the boot, put him on blast, on Facebook. The law is literally on your side.

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