10 Reasons to Surprise Your Man With Lingerie Tonight

We know how it happens: when you first started dating your man, wearing something sexy under your clothes was pretty standard. But then you've settled into the relationship and that lace thong you (and he) loved isn't making its appearance quite as much. And, okay, maybe your love life isn't quite what it was back then either. Whether you're looking to reignite those sexy flames in the bedroom, build up some of your own sex confidence, or just want to spice up a regular day, these are the 10 best reasons to surprise your man (and yourself) with lingerie tonight:

1. Embrace Your Shape

Lingerie can be a great way to emphasize your curves, if you have them, or just look a little sexy no matter what your shape. Embrace loving everything about your body by wearing something a little extra sexy in  bed tonight, and enjoy him finding you irressistible. 

2. Rekindle Old Flames

Maybe things have gotten a little stale in the bedroom, so what do you do? Surprise your man by wearing a matching lace bra and panties set, and he'll be leading you straight to the bedroom in no time.

3. Feel Sexier Solo

Wearing something for your man is great, but wearing lingerie can boost your own confidence, too. Don't be afraid to dress sexy for when you need that extra, ahem, solo time. 

4. For a Special Day

It's your anniversary coming up. Or maybe it's Valentine's Day. Or you're having a long-awaited date night. So why not dress up a bit underneath and show him an extra special time? Plus, don't be afraid to make it a special day just because. 

5. To Look Glamorous

Add some extra glamour into your life by wearing some lingerie to the office. Why? No reason other than a little boost in your step.

6. Get Away with Something

Okay, let's admit it: sometimes we might have done something that's less than advisable. On those days that you want to get away with something, surprise your man in your sexiest get-up and he'll have no idea what you're up to. Wink wink.

7. Feel Great on a Regular Day

Maybe it's a simple Sunday and you're doing the laundry, then cleaning the house. It's just a regular, boring day--but you can spice it up by wearing something hot underneath your clothes. 

8. Keep the Passion Alive

Sometimes the passion starts to go, but you can keep things alive and happening in the bedroom by dressing up for your man--and for yourself--once in a while. You'll have a great time. Trust us.

9. Fall For Yourself

If you're feeling a little down on yourself, there's nothing quite like wearing something that gives you confidence. Dress in something expensive for yourself, and get ready to consider yourself HOT. 

10. To Apologize

We'll confess: sometimes we get into fights with our man that even we know we should apologize for. Well, do it with some sexy lingerie. We're not saying it'll solve the problem, but it can't hurt, right?