6 Reasons Why You Should Date a Latina

How could you not date a Latina? We’re sexy. We’re loving. We’re loyal. We’re fun. And we can introduce you to a whole new world of cultura.  

Here are six reasons why to date a Latina – as if you really needed it.

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1. She Will Charm the Hell Out of You

Charm is something that people have to work to gain, but with Latinas it comes naturally. Our charm varies per person, but we all have it. Some are quirky, and others are just all-around sexy. Some even have a little bit of both. 

2. She Can Move

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We’re also born with an internal rhythm that will drive you wild on and off the dance floor. You can expect lots of dancing at family parties, with Latin music blaring through the speakers. She’s going to want you to be able to somewhat keep up with her, so it’s time to pick those salsa classes back up.

3. You Become Family

La familia knows no boundaries, so you’ll be invited to all the big family parties, and your Saturday nights will be filled with dancing and eating the best lechon you’ve ever had.

4. She's Beyond Loyal

Loyalty is valued by most people, but especially Latinas. We want you all to ourselves, and though it can be overwhelming at times, it’s comforting knowing we want you and only you. We will be loyal till the end. 

5. She Can Be a Bit Crazy

You’ve heard the rep Latinas have for being crazy, and though it may be true, we’re not like psycho-killers. Yes, we may be a bit clingy and fussy, but it’s only because we care. 

6. She'll Love You With All Her Heart

We’re crazy because we love you. We’re taught since birth to love wholeheartedly the way our parents love us and their parents loved them. We don’t know how to love with half our hearts, so if we have our little loca moments, we’re sorry, but we do it without any malice. It’s not that we don’t trust you, we do, but we just need to know you’re as dedicated to us as we are to you. Tell her once. Tell her twice. Tell her again and again. She needs to hear it.