The Real Life Jane Villanuevas: 10 Latina Readers Waiting Until Marriage to Have Sex

Gina Rodriguez Jane the Virgin

Since she’s come into the lives of CW fans, Jane Gloriana Villanueva has been best friend in our heads status. Thanks to Gina Rodriguez’s girl’s girl masterful role, Jane the Virgin is the show that represents “us” in a myriad of ways. In pop culture, Latinas are seen as the sexy bodycon wearing seductresses. Well, that was never me. Jane is an overachieving grad student who thinks to-do lists, Target and telenovela marathons are a good time. She’s a hopeless romantic who won’t let anything get in the way of her dreams, and she’s completely devoted to her family. Oh yeah, and she happens to be saving herself for marriage.

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Although Jane happens to be chaste, we love that Jane the Virgin touches on real life issues, from Abuela’s deportation fears, and most recently abortion. So many of us adore Jane, and for those who are — surprise — still virgins, Jane Villanueva blasts the thought of television sex novices before her. She’s beautiful, totally normal, and even kind of cool.

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Latina readers shared just how much they can relate to Jane, as they too are waiting for marriage to do the deed. Get to know their stories below:

Joana Sanchez, 19

“I am proud to say that my morals mirror Jane’s. I'm a 19-year-old virgin and plan on staying one until marriage. I come from a very Christian home where both of my parents are pastors and have their own church. I have been taught from an early age that I must stay this way until marriage because according to my religion it's a sin to have sexual intercourse out of wedlock. But growing up and attending public schools, I have been surrounded by people who think having sex is good and it's cool. I went to a middle school where girls from ages 12-14 were already doing it. A lot of my friends would tell me how their moms would take them to get birth control or having a boyfriend means having sex. I still do not have a boyfriend but I'm left thinking that if I ever do get one all they're going to want is sex and it leaves me confused that how other things in relationships aren't worshipped like being best friends, understanding one another and accepting each other's morals. At the same time I have this hope that I'll meet the right guy who will respect my morals and wait until marriage. I've also been made fun of or asked why I plan on staying a virgin until marriage. I've heard things like "you have to test it out because if you don't like the sex your marriage will be miserable" and how sex is important in a relationship. I do agree, but I also believe that a relationship shouldn't just be about the sex. It is a struggle being a virgin just because of what society teaches my generation along with social media and sometimes just for the urge to fit in.”

Andrea Espinoza Cruz, 22

“I was born in Chihuahua, México in 1994. My mother had me when she was 16, and was forced to marry my biological father. She actually decided that life in Mexico was not bearable anymore, so she left him, and brought me to the US in 1996 (illegally) to live with my grandmother. That illegal part is fixed now, but my family definitely could relate to Jane's grandmother's process of getting her green card. To this day, I still have never met my father. I always wonder what my biological father looks like or what things I get from him genetically. Watching this show has made me see the little things in my life that have shaped the person I am. Because I grew up in a disrupted family environment, I had to mature pretty early. I don't know how it happened, but I grew very strong in my faith and have kept developing it more and more in college. I actually do have a purity ring, but I don't see it as something I want the world to know that I'm saving myself for marriage. I have always wanted something that I can pass down to my future children, to show them the love and patience that we had in order for them to exist.

I love Jane because she's exactly the way I am: dramatic, hilarious, genuine, caring, and loves to make lists! I think the funniest thing I remember about Jane's character was how mad she got when her mother ate her chocolates for Christmas (I think), because that same thing has happened with my mom and me. I swear you guys have been following me!”

Karol Krawchuk, 23

“I'm actually saving myself for marriage to have sex but when I was younger I went as far as to say that I was going to save my lips from kissing anyone until I was on the altar. I didn't keep that promise but my first kiss wasn't until I was 23 years old! So, no longer virgin lips but I still plan on staying a virgin until someone puts a ring on it!"

Celeste Wilson, 33

“My hubby and I both waited until we got married to knock boots. Unbelievable, huh? He is Caucasian and just turned 36. I'm 33 and Mexican/Salvadoran, American born. We got married about two years ago. We are grateful to have found each other and don't regret waiting. It's not for everyone and we don't think we are better than anyone for it.”

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