5 Real Latinas Reveal Why They Love Black Men

5 Real Latinas Reveal Why They Love Black Men

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to romantic partners. I prefer to date Latinos. I love that they walk around with puffed chests like gallos in a fight, even if he's shorter than the rest of the boys. I love how Latinos know how to sweet talk. I love sharing my culture with a man who understands where I come from — the traditions, the food, the Spanglish.

But, not all Latinas love Latino men. According to a 2012 report, Hispanics make up 45 percent of interracial marriages. So, what makes black men more appealing to some Latinas? I asked, and a few women spoke to me about their love of black men: 

Best of Both Worlds

“For me, black men identify with both sides of me," said Adayna, 39, about her experience with dating black men versus dating Latinos. This Dominicana from South Carolina is now married to an African-American man, and feels that he relates to her perspective as a person of color and as an American. In her experience, “dating some Latino men went too far at the other end of the spectrum.” She added: “They understood my Latinoness, but not my experience as an American at times.”

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