Racist Pornhub Emojis Use Tacos to Characterize Latinas

Racist Pornhub Emojis Use Tacos to Characterize Latinas

Stereotypical portrayals of Latinas in pornography have reached new levels.

Last week, Pornhub launched Emoji 4 Porn, a mobile video delivery service allowing users to send a text of an emoji to a phone number and receive a link to a free sexual clip that corresponds with the digital icon.

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Many of the Emoji for Porn options make sense. Use a peach for clips of “big asses,” the cop for naughty action in “uniform,” water for “squirting,” a fist for “fisting” and many other cleverly used images. Creators of Emoji for Porn, however, went with a less creative and very insulting icon to describe Latinas: a taco.

Yep, Pornhub dehumanized Latinas, equating us to a spicy dish that, contrary to popular belief, isn’t even the staple of every Latino or Latin American community.

Despite the glaring objectification and perpetuation of racialized sexist stereotypes, the “Taco for Latina” emoji hasn’t received major backlash. Perhaps some of us are so used to offensive representations of ourselves in pornography that digital iconography seems relatively less significant.

Of course, that’s not how all Latinas feel. One Brazilian-Dominican Twitter user isn’t pleased with the characterization at all, telling Pornhub to “GTFOH.”



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