People Use Their Smart Phones During Sex

If you’re getting it on with your honey and, during your intimate sesh, he leans over to the nighttable to check his team’s game score on his iPhone, then, yea, we'd say that a smartphone just got in the way of your relationship. Also, someone doesn't have your relationship as a priority. 

According to the study, the number of adults using their smartphones during sex rises to one in five when looking only at the 18 to 34 age group. We are shaking our heads right now. 

Might we remind you that we're talking about sex here. That should be the only thing on your mind while being intimate. Forget your phone for those 15 seconds - or however long it takes for you both to be done. Your phone will still be there. Your phone is not a living being; it does not have limbs. It will not go anywhere.

What do you think about this study? Are you guilty of using your phone during sex?