Does Size Really Matter?

Does Size really Matter?
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I recently had a friend tell me she didn’t pursue a romantic relationship with a new guy she met because when they became somewhat intimate she felt up on him and he wasn’t very well endowed.

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I laughed out loud but I was intrigued as to what I would’ve done in her position? Would I give up on getting to know a man simply because he was lacking in the size department?

While I was getting ready for the gym I looked at my small breasts and asked myself is it the same for men? Am I losing out on opportunities because men immediately canceled out my small breasts? Obviously, the size of my breasts can plastically be altered in comparison to the size of a man’s penis but are our pre-requisites of potential lovers hindering our chances at finding love?

When I ended my workout I headed to the gym sauna. I observed the different women that came in and out. They were all shaped differently, and I concluded that our differences in our build didn’t make us any less of a woman, just like the size of a man’s parts doesn’t make him more or less of a man. Perhaps, what I lack in the breasts department I compensate in the backside department, and plenty of men will be attracted to that before any other physical part of me. And what if what a man lacks in his size he can compensate with his tongue?

I also realized that when I’ve fallen in love I’ve always fallen for the way a man makes me feel not only for the way he makes me cum. Because in the end people come together when there is a connection not only a physical attraction, and when it comes to the energy between two people the size does not matter more than the way your heart beats when you see them or the smile that person brings out in you.

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Maybe the size wasn’t what turned off my friend, maybe it was not knowing the guy well enough to have developed any real connection with him, and maybe if we’re looking for something real and of value we should consider not jumping into things and making decisions based solely with what we see with our eyes and feel with our hands.