Our Sexiest Leading Ladies and Their Younger Men

It looks like dating younger men is becoming a trend in Hollywood these days for high-profile Latinas. Everyone from Shakira to Eva Longoria to Selena Gomez has been spotted on the arms of a younger man lately. No matter whether the age difference is two years or ten, we're loving it!

Here's a look at a few of our favorite Latinas and the younger men they are romancing.

1. Younger Men: Shakira/Gerard Pique

Shakira (34) and Gerard Pique (24)

The ten-year age difference between these two does not seem to be making a bit of a difference in their relationship. The 20-something FC Barcelona defender first met his Colombian pop princess when they filmed the music video for the 2010 World Cup anthem “Waka, Waka” and though they both denied being romantically involved for months, a recent photo of them making out proves otherwise. After ending an 11-year romance with her manager and business partner Antonio de la Rua (announced via Shaki’s official website in early January), Shakira seems to be thriving on Pique’s youthful energy.

2. Younger Men: Eva Longoria/Eduardo Cruz

Eva Longoria (36) and Eduardo Cruz (25)

Shortly after her traumatizing divorce to NBA player Tony Parker, Longoria was spotted kissing and cuddling in LA with Penelope Cruz’s sexy younger brother Eduardo. The two went sort of public as a couple in January, gallivanting around town and locking lips in fancy restaurants all over L.A., but have yet to make anything official. What looked like a quick rebound relationship for the Desperate Housewives actress may be on its way to true romance.

3. Younger Men: Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez (18) and Justin Bieber (17)

These two young stars tried to keep their romance a secret for the longest, but there was no denying they were a couple after they were caught canoodling by determined paparazzo during a romantic Caribbean getaway. Selena and the Biebs finally went public with their relationship in February at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. Though they started dating when Bieber was only 16 and Selena was 18 (technically making their coupling illegal, gasp!), the young pop star really seems to know a thing or two about treating his lady like a queen.

4. Younger Men: Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey (40) and Nick Cannon (30)

When the news of Mariah Carey’s wedding to Nick Cannon broke, even we were shocked. Many were skeptical when these two got together, but they were so in love we just had to be happy for the diva.  The two met while shooting the video for “Bye Bye,” Mariah’s second single off of E=MC². They married shortly after at her private estate on Windermere Island on April 30, 2008. If Nick still needs to do any growing up, we’re sure the twins they are expecting will certainly help speed up the process.

5. Younger Men: Cameron Diaz/Alex Rodriguez

Cameron Diaz (38) Alex Rodriguez (35)

Originally we thought anything between these two had to be a fling, but they’ve since proved us wrong. The Yankee has been around the bases with a string of high-profile stars since his split with his wife in 2008, including Kate Hudson and Madonna. But Diaz doesn’t seem like just another notch in his belt. Their romance is going strong and with the amount of time Cam has been spending around Rodriguez’s little girls, it looks like things may be getting serious. Dating a younger man seems to be doing wonders for Diaz, who has been sporting an even more killer then usual body since she and A-Rod became work out buddies!

6. Younger Men: Christina Aguilera/Matt Rutler

Christina Aguilera (30) and Matt Rutler (25)

Christina and ex-husband Jordan Bratman filed for divorce in October 2010. Shortly afterward, Aguilera was spotted holding hands with the Burlesque set assistant Matthew Rutler. The age difference actually might not be working out so great for these two. Since the couple’s relationship began Aguilera’s been partying more than usual and was recently arrested for public intoxication when Rutler was pulled over by LAPD for driving under the influence. Christina’s never exhibited the kind of behavior in the past, especially not since she gave birth to son 3-year-old son Max.

7. Younger Men: Kate del Castillo/Aaron Diaz

Kate del Castillo (38) and Aaron Diaz (29)

After divorcing soccer player Luis Garcia, Kate del Castillo found love with the ridiculously handsome telenovela actor, Aaron Diaz. The two announced their engagement in September 2008 and got married in 2009 in Las Vegas. Castillo is on top of the world these days; her telenovela La Reina del Sur is breaking ratings records for Telemundo and she is looking better than ever. Who can even tell that this couple is 9 years apart in age?

8. Younger Men: Elsa Pataky/Chris Hemsworth

Elsa Pataky (34) and Chris Hemsworth (27)

Just three months after Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth went public with their relationship at a party held by LACMA in Los Angeles this September, the couple was secretly married. The Spanish actress met her Australian beau through their mutual agent. The two dated for a long time before coming out publically as a couple and wed during over the Christmas holidays in a small, intimate ceremony on the Indonesian Islands.

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