Our Modern Latina Bride's Love for Louboutin

I finally chose my wedding dress and while I am absolutely in love with it, I couldn’t be more excited about my shoes! Anyone who knows me knows I love fashion and above all else I am a shoe fiend. I DIE for a rockin’ pair of sky high stilettos (or any shoe for that matter), so when it came to buying my wedding shoes, I didn’t cut on costs and got these spectacular fancy red soled Christian Louboutins. Afterall, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to buy shoes of this caliber. I saw them and I just knew they were the shoes I had to wear on my wedding day. And yes, there had to be a few modifications for these shoes to be worn like adding an extra layer to my dress instead of just opting for a lower heeled shoe, but it had to be done. They are perfect, a dream, and meant for me! All that being said, I wonder “Is it wrong of me to boast about my shoes the way most women do their dresses?” I really do love my dress but sometimes I second guess myself. These thoughts only come to mind because I’m comparing my obsession with my shoes versus my dress.

I know some of you, especially if fashion is not your thing, may think I am totally overanalyzing, but as many brides know, I want to make sure that I’m not making the wrong decision on anything -from the shoes and dress to the cake and décor. I guess you can call it Cold Feet except it has to do with a dress and (thankfully) not the groom.

Should I trust my first instincts, stop overreacting, and know that I’m in love with my dress even if I’m not constantly talking about it like I do my shoes? Or is it a sign to reconsider my dress?