Our Modern Latina Bride Wants to Salsa With Her Papi

When thinking of a perfect father/daughter song to dance at my wedding, what comes to mind is an old school salsa song. I know some of you may think it’s a bit impersonal and not typical father/daughter music to dance to, but there are several reason why a salsa song is very fitting for my papi and I. Many of my childhood memories were of me watching and being in awe of my mom and dad dancing salsa like professionals, so now as an adult every time I hear a great old school salsa song it reminds me of my father.  He’s a fantastic dancer and it doesn’t hurt that he makes me look great when I dance with him. My free spirited, social and fun loving nature from my dad; we love to dance salsa and I can’t think of a better tribute to our relationship than putting on a great show at my wedding.  Did I convince you yet?

After settling on salsa for my dance with my father it was VERY difficult to find an appropriate song. Most Salsa songs are about heartbreak, lust, sex, and other themes I'd rather not think of when dancing with my dear father. But, I think I may have finally found a song that works: “A La Reina” by El Gran Combo (it doesn’t get anymore old school than that). It’s not specifically a father/daughter song, but after listening to the words I think it can translate well. I honestly love it and after I heard it, I teared up. It took me back to when I was daddy’s little girl, and I had to listen to it on replay about 10 times—so I’m thinking this is the song.

Do you think the song can work as a father/daughter song or do you have any other suggestions?