Our Modern Latina Bride Wants a Lasting (and LOVING!) Marriage

I’m back from Aruba and it was the perfect getaway, so much so that we extended our stay for a few more days defeating the purpose of a “mini-moon” (a short honeymoon vacation). It was just too good to leave, we relaxed at the beach, celebrated, did snuba (a combo of snorkel and scuba), shared romantic dinners, and even found a decent salsa club to get our dance on.

All in all, it was great...except for one thing that kept reoccurring. From the airport all the way to our destination, often enough, I kept seeing old married couples getting into heated arguments over the silliest things. For example, one woman dropped her bags and stormed off because her husband asked her to hurry it up because they were running late. Then, I overheard a man telling his buddies, “One minute they love you, two seconds later they hate you” referring to his wife. The last straw was a heated argument I witnessed between a couple about whose fault it was that they were running late to the airport which ended with the hubby telling his wife to “Shut-up!”

Maybe I'm just hyper-aware of married couples now that I’m a newlywed, but it scared the s%#t out of me! I just don’t understand how two people that love each other and vowed to honor one another can allow their relationship to get to such an awful place when they are probably more polite to a total stranger. I understand how sometimes when you’re with someone for so long, it's easy lose sight of the reason you fell in love and cease to appreciate your partner, but I feel it is up to the couple to be conscious of this and make an effort. As traumatizing as it was to witness this on my honeymoon—I swear it felt as if I was in a movie—I think it’s good for us to know what we DON’T want to be like 15 years from now and realize that a marriage is work and you have to be willing to put in the hours, just like anything else.

Anyone have any advice for a not only a lasting, but loving, marriage?