Our Modern Latina Bride Tries to Find Her Perfect Wedding Song

Music, in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of a wedding. I think music determines the vibe of your party. Does it feel like a house party or a cocktail soiree? But, even more important than your the playlist is the very first song you choose to dance to as a newly married couple—your wedding song.

Everyone married couple I know has chosen a wedding song that’s representative of their love and usually they have some romantic explanation for choosing their song. I’m feeling some major pressure to have some elaborate story behind the song we choose to dance to. I think when people ask what you’re wedding song is they expect to hear a sweet story and I don’t want to let the people down! Sometimes I even think that maybe other couples have “embellished” their story a bit because they feel it’s their duty! Because honestly, I can’t recall such a perfect moment. I do remember that on one of our first dates, Hector and I danced to a sexy bossa nova beat, I don’t speak Portuguese so for all I know it could have been about break-up and heartache, which would not be ideal, to say the least.

If we just chose another bossa nova song, would that have the same feel, or should we just pick a song that we both like? Does that sound “special” enough?