Our Modern Latina Bride Struggles With a Surprise Shower

I recently found out that my sis and mom are planning my bridal shower and I’m very excited for the festivities begin! I’m even more excited about the dress I intend on wearing; it is THE perfect dress for a bridal shower, in fact I have had the dress in my closet for a couple of months now, just waiting to be worn on this particular day.

I’m not sure if this is the traditional way of throwing bridal showers, but in my family they try to make it a surprise for the bride. But now that it’s my turn I don’t know that I agree with this tradition. I have this great dress I want to wear and all I know it that my bridal shower is happening "soon." I’m sorry, but that timeline just isn’t cutting it for me. So I nonchalantly mentioned to my sis that I’d like to know the date so I can dress appropriately, but she basically ignored me. I want to look as fabulous as possible for this day! Can you imagine being surprised and being stuck wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and flats to your own bridal shower? As a Fashion Editor, that is just not right.

Besides, Most brides usually aren’t really taken by surprise, even if they pretend they are. So, my solution is we should do away with the “surprise factor” when it comes to bridal showers and allow the bride to look and feel her best on a day that’s meant to celebrate her. Now, can someone explain this to my sis and mom and convince them to tell me?!