Our Modern Latina Bride Sticks to Old-Fashioned Invites

As you all know a few months back I postponed my wedding date. As a result, I had to decide how I wanted to follow-up with my guests to notify them of the new date for my big day. I really didn’t want to do the website thing because I simply don’t like it, so I caved in and ordered some simple laser print invites. I felt it was important for the new invite to be complimentary to the original invite, so I made sure it was designed based off of what I’d already sent out.

Heather, from Real Card Studio, does AMAZING custom letterpress invitations, but was kind enough to help a girl in my situation out and suggest a design that would seem to be part of a suite from my original invite and it came out great!

Although, I didn’t do my letterpress invites with her I wanted to share with you all the fabulous personal designs she does for couples getting married, or any special occasions for that matter. 

What do you think of my invites?