Our Modern Latina Bride Says Goodbye

Our long-awaited honeymoon adventure to Thailand finally happened!

Although the 20-plus hour airplane flight was a bit grueling, once Hector and I arrived it was totally worth it! We spent a few days in Bangkok at the Metropolitan Hotel just taking in all the sights. We had an especially amazing view when we had dinner at Vertigo at the Banyan Tree hotel. It’s set on the rooftop of a very large high-rise overlooking the city. Next we flew to Phuket, the beach area, and stayed at Amanpuri, the MOST magnificent resort either Hector and I have experienced (and we have traveled quite a bit). The people around the beach and within the resort are some of the most accommodating and welcoming people I have ever met. They really go above and beyond to make your stay memorable and they definitely succeeded.

Here are a few photos recapping our time in Asia. It’s been so much fun sharing this journey with you! Enjoy the photos and wish me luck in my life as a married women!

1. Honeymoon 1

After the loooong airplane ride.

2. Honeymoon 2

Our first trip was to a beautiful Buddhist Temple.

3. Honeymoon 3

We were able to see the monks meditating – it was a very peaceful energy.

4. Honeymoon 4

We then headed to the amazing Amanpuri Resort in sunny Phuket.

5. Honeymoon 5

The vanity area in our villa was fab!

6. Honeymoon 6

We spent a lot of time at the beach.

7. Honeymoon 7

 Can you blame us? The water was crystal clear.

8. Honeymoon 8

We did finally venture out to ride an elephant! I heard it’s good luck.

9. Honeymoon 9

The next day we went to visit the famous “James Bond Island” named after the movie that shot here.

10. Honeymoon 10

It was stunning!

11. Honeymoon 11

We then proceeded to get in a canoe and paddled through some incredible caves.

12. Honeymoon 12

We ended up having lunch in a Muslim fishing village entirely built over water on stilts.

13. Honeymoon 13

While on the village, guess what we found? The cutest baby monkey, and yes, he’s real!

14. Honeymoon 14

Before heading home we stepped at a monkey filled temple with massive Buddha statues.

15. Honeymoon 15

On the way to the airport, I was once again reminded that we were not in Kansas anymore. Then it was home, sweet home.

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