Our Modern Latina Bride Questions Wedding Etiquette

When you decide to plan a wedding it should be to celebrate your love, but some people hope to make it an "investment"—meaning they spend money putting together this special event hoping to make the money back (if not turn a profit).

Unfortunately, from my experience this is not the case. Nowadays, with so many different types of weddings, proper gift giving etiquette has been skewed. I only found out about the whole “etiquette” portion of a wedding planning once I began planning my own. Honestly, I’m still confused about it, especially in the gift giving department. 

Back in the day, you went to a wedding and your gift was usually in an amount that, at the very least, paid for your plate. But today, there are so many considerations to account for. What happens if it is a destination wedding? You have already paid A LOT of money to be there, so is your attendance in and of itself your present? For a local wedding, if the couple doesn’t have a wedding registry should you assume they want money or is that tacky? As a bride, how do you handle guests that don’t give a gift at all? I can imagine this would leave you a little disappointed and you may secretly not want to send a thank you note, but the truth is that you have to thank them for being a part of one of the most important days of your life.

I pose these questions because they are questions that I have asked myself when giving gifts at weddings and, now, my experience in receiving gifts at my wedding. What are your thoughts on gift giving etiquette for weddings?