Our Modern Latina Bride Ponders a Kate Middleton-Style Grand Entrance

Recently there was a dry run for the arrival of the wedding with a Kate Middleton look-alike in tow. It is said that she will arrive in a car surrounded with about one thousand members of the British military on their horses and the newly minted royal couple will leave in a horse and carriage for their “first” kiss. Needless to say, Kate’s going to make a grand entrance, as it should be, since it is a royal wedding and millions of viewers will be watching. It brought up a question I’ve have been asking myself for months now: Should I have a grand entrance?

The night before the wedding, both Hector and I have decided to stay in a hotel (in separate rooms, of course) that is about 10-15 minutes away from the ceremony to ensure that we're both on time. Since many couples opt to stay in this hotel before getting married, the hotel offers a shuttle bus that takes us directly to the venue. I know a shuttle bus is not exactly a grand entrance, but practically speaking, it doesn’t really make sense to pay hundreds of dollars for a fancy car for a 15-minute ride. And no one will even be at the entrance of the venue as they will all be seated already.  If anything, I figured it’d be best to spend that money after we’re married, so we can celebrate together and have our “first” kiss. But, of course, then the little bridezilla voice inside my head screams, “Chica, estas loca! Your perfect dream day does NOT include a shuttle bus to transport you! What kind of bride are you?!”

Please help: should I stick to my practical thoughts or spend the cash? After all, you only get married once (hopefully)!