Our Modern Latina Bride Opts for a Sunday Brunch Wedding!

Now that Hector is not involved in the planning process everything (in my head) has changed. I hope he doesn’t regret it later because he’s given me the green light and there’s no turning back now—I have a vision!

My inspiration came from a birthday card that my honey once gave me saying it reminded him of me, and to be honest, I’d like to think it reminds me of me too. It was an illustration of a lovely female wearing a dainty, sparkly dress made of flowers in all different hues of pink with a matching hairpin and shoes, standing outdoors on grass with a blue sky background. When I saw the card I just felt pink and fuzzy inside—if that makes any sense. It was really girly yet simple and pretty, just like I want my boda to be. I’m thinking garden theme….whimsical…intimate…romantic…and PINK!

Ok, enough of my sappy wedding thoughts, it’s time to get down to logistics. After some thought, I knew I needed a venue with outdoor space for my garden theme (check), in Northeast NJ to be close enough to both Hector’s family in NY and my family in NJ (check), and somewhere that I can do both a ceremony and a reception with everything included to keep my planning as minimal as possible (check). After much seeking, asking friends, and internet surfing, I found the perfect place!

I’ve decided to have a quaint and beautiful Sunday Brunch ceremony and reception in NJ that is on a dock on the water with the NYC skyline as our backdrop. Why a Sunday Brunch you ask? Well, Saturdays are very competitive and I didn’t want to wait two years to get married. And I just had to get married at this location, so Sunday Brunch it was. Besides, it goes with my garden theme.

But I started to doubt myself while reading on the Internet about how all these “Sunday Brunch weddings” are usually less of a party than your typical Saturday night soiree. Except that, they couldn’t possibly be less of a party because we’re talking about Latin families. As far as I can remember, no Sunday party (whether it was a child or adult birthday) has ever stopped my family from having a few drinks and getting down on the dance floor. This has made me pretty confident that my wedding will be just as much of a blast as any Saturday night wedding, but then again, what if it’s a bore?

Do you think I’m making a mistake with a Sunday Brunch event? Or do we Latinos know how to party whenever the occasion calls for it, like I’m hoping?