Our Modern Latina Bride Moves Her Wedding Date!

From inception, as I told you before, Hec and I weren’t in agreement when it came to a wedding. He wanted to go away and keep it low key and I wanted a wedding in my home state with all my close family and friends present. Hec felt that wanting a wedding filled with guests was more about pleasing them and showing off your beautiful venue, dress, flowers, food, etc. rather than what it should really be about – you and your partner committing to each other for life. He always says, “I don’t need anyone there except you.”

As sweet as that is, I do need people there. I need all the people that have helped me grow to be who I am, the people I’ve turned to in good and bad times, and the people who will just fill the wedding reception with more love than it will already have from Hec and I. Although he has a point, my reason for wanting all my people there has nothing to do with “putting on a show” and everything to do with sharing this very special moment with the special people in my life.

So, I’ve decided to postpone my wedding because of certain family members not able to make the wedding. I didn’t think about how a wedding postponement may seem to people, I just thought of certain people that I've always envisioned being at my wedding—they mean enough to me that I am willing to change my wedding date for them.

Don;t worry. It will all work out in the end. I already have my new date in September, I’ve rescheduled all my vendors, and now I have even more time to overanalyze all the little details of the wedding.

Hope you look forward to hearing from me for another few months!