Our Modern Latina Bride Goes For Her Make-Up Trial!

I am a strong believer in people really owning their craft and showing their talents by being their own #1 spokesperson. For example, as a fashion editor it would be a sin for me to walk around wearing high-water wide leg jeans, so naturally when looking for my make-up artist the first thing I did instead of looking at their portfolio is look at them. It amazes me to see so many “make-up artists” looking jacked up and not really selling their services to the fullest.

I’m having a day wedding, so I want the make-up to be professional enough that in photos I will look amazing, but kind of natural because too much make-up will look harsh in the daylight.  While on the hunt, I came across make-up artist Ericka Tapia, a spunky, cool, stylish Latina, but above all, she was beautiful.  I’m not talking caked-on-make-up beautiful, just clean and fresh-looking and while I’m sure she looks great without make-up, you can just tell she puts just enough make-up to compliment her features and skin rather than try to transform them.  After chatting with her, she totally understood what I wanted. I learned that she came into being a make-up artist because she had a natural talent for it since she was a young girl, so since she was 16 years old she’s been honing her craft and is on the come up with her new freelance gig at Dior. I had my make-up trial the other day and the only direction I gave her was pretty and romantic yet natural. I also wanted to see an option that had red lips and a little more eye color to really compare and see what I like.