Our Modern Latina Bride Gets Showered with Love

After being rescheduled three times, my bridal shower finally happened and it was totally a success!! I couldn’t have asked for a better time spent with the women I love. The day was filled with surprises, games, heartfelt wishes, a little crying, and of course unlimited mimosas. Here are some photos to recap the lovely brunch bridal shower. I hope you can feel the love from the photos like I did that day.

1. Verky Bridal Shower 1

2. Verky Bridal Shower 2

Although, the shower wasn’t a complete surprise, I still got a great greeting and got to wear my fabulous dress!

3. Verky Bridal Shower 2a

The restaurant, Amandas, was elegant and perfect for a girl’s brunch bridal shower with its large window doors, velvet curtains, and lovely garden.

4. Verky Bridal Shower 2b

The room was decorated with pretty lilac centerpiece flowers that added to the charming vibe in the room.

5. Verky Bridal Shower 3

I was sooo happy!

6. Verky Bridal Shower 4

And now I’m even happier! Yummy mimosas.

7. Verky Bridal Shower 5

The first game was a take on “pin the tail on the donkey” called “Pin the bling on the ring” where you had to pin a thumbtack as close as possible to my ring finger in an oversized pic of me.

8. Verky Bridal Shower 6

My mother apparently missed the memo about being BLIND folded—she’s a jokester!

9. Verky Bridal Shower 7

For the next game, you couldn’t say the words “wedding” or “Hector” throughout the day and if you did, the person that catches you takes your pin and the person with the most pins wins. As you can tell, my aunt was on a mission to win!

10. Verky Bridal Shower 8

For the last competition, being the fashion editor that I am, they broke up into groups to create a wedding dress and I chose the winner for best dress. Believe me, the choice was hard.

11. Verky Bridal Shower 9

I LOVED my cake, it felt so personal and specially made for me! When I realized it was made by Creative Cakes by Sandra, it all made sense. She is a true artist and baker and she makes very special cakes.


12. Verky Bridal Shower 10

My favorite part of the day came when I read my letter from “everyone” in the room. All the ladies wrapped gift (a cleaning product in this case) with a # on it that corresponded with a missing word in my letter. While I read the letter aloud I would say the # for the missing word and the guest had to unwrap that gift and fill in the blank. The letter was super sweet and really touched my heart.

13. Verky Bridal Shower 11

My hubby-to-be, looking dapper as always, came to help carry all the presents home. I’m smitten…

14. Verky Bridal Shower 12

I thank two of the most important women in my life, my mom and sis, for putting together such a special moment for me. I love you!

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