Our Modern Latina Bride Gets Her Dream Invitations!

As much as I say I’m a simple girl, I’ve realized, “I’m a simple girl that likes nice things.” When I began researching wedding invitations I learned methods of printing range from flat digital printing to embossed letterpress printing, so after reading through many tips and ideas I figured this was an area where I could cut costs. I was prepared to go to an invitation store and ask for thermography printing—that’s when the lettering is raised rather than pressed down for letterpress printing—which is totally suitable for a pretty wedding invitation card along with a thin card stock. But, of course, when I got to the store and began looking and looking through all the invitation samples, the only ones I was in love with were the most expensive letterpress invitations with embossed designs on thick card stock. I left the store undecided; I saw what I loved and now nothing else compared or would do yet they were so expensive! I continued looking, but I couldn’t get the rich, elegant-looking letterpress designed invites I had just envisioned, so I came up with a plan to get what I wanted at a relatively lower price. I had a friend do me the favor of designing my invitations. With my direction, her expertise, and a few dinners with wine, we created the perfect wedding invitations.

With the design created, I quoted different press printing companies until I found the best price (thanks to Coeur Noir Specialty Printers) and was able to choose the exact colors I wanted. And, voila, I had the exact wedding invitations I had wanted! This is just a little inspiration for any brides out there who feel that they can’t get what they want for their wedding. With a little creativity and determination, you’d be surprised how much you can get accomplished! Hope you like the invites.