Our Modern Latina Bride Finds Inspiration in the Royal Wedding!

Like everyone else, I’m obsessed with the Royal Wedding! I can’t help but compare my wedding choices to the ones “speculated” to be made by the 29-year-old princess-to-be, Kate Middleton. I know it’s a stretch, but a girl can dream, right? I recently read there was drama brewing in the Royal household because Camila, her royal step-mom-to-be, was upset with Kate's decision to avoid wearing the traditional tiara. Apparently, Kate's thinking of going more modern and decorating her head with flowers (a huge trend with modern brides). It made me think of what I wanted for my own wedding and while I’m being uber-modern in some aspects— like no bridesmaids (I decided not to have to choose from all my beloved ladies!), holding a Sunday brunch and a garden ceremony, etc.— there are some details of my wedding that I want to keep traditional.  One way I've embraced tradition is by choosing to wear a veil, I want the blusher and all!

While I was debating back and forth between a veil and flowers, like Kate, a co-worker said something to me that ended up being my deciding factor. “You want to wear a veil while you’re walking down the aisle for that iconic image that your photographer will capture of your husband-to-be lifting your veil," she pointed out. "Nothing says 'Bride and your wedding day' more than that photo and you will want that image later on in life.” I was sold!  I’ve tried a few veils on and still have yet to find the right one, but although I think flowers look very pretty and stylish, it is important for me to have those traditional iconic photos. I also think it will bring a different sense of romanticism having Hector “unveil” me. If anything, it will build the groom’s anticipation as I walk down the aisle, which as women we all know is key!  So, my advice to Kate is to wear the tiara for the ceremony and maybe flowers for the reception (that’s what I’m doing). Because, seriously, how often does one get appointed princess for the first time?

Do you think veils and tiaras look cheesy or traditionally elegant?