Our Modern Latina Bride Feels like a Wife

Hector and I have been living together for about 3 years. Throughout this time we’ve gone through our share of fights, celebrations, and compromising—we’ve shared our thoughts, our dreams, and our life experiences, and have been committed to one another every step of the way.

While planning to get married, both Hector and I were not nervous. In fact, the day before the wedding we had spoken and both agreed that while we were both a little crazed with the planning of the wedding, the one thing that we weren’t nervous about was actually marrying each other. I felt no cold feet or pressure on certain “marital” expectations I had to meet because I felt like I was already married.

Our Modern Latina Bride Wants a Lasting (and LOVING!) Marriage

I knew Hector was the person I wanted to spend my life with and therefore I lived everyday in our relationship as if I was committed to this person for better or for worse. I didn’t understand how anything could change, until something did change. I can’t really explain it, but somehow I feel more committed to our relationship and him than ever. For example, before we got married I had a work trip to L.A. scheduled right after our mini-moon and it just so happened that my good friend also lived there, so I had planned to stay an extra day in the West Coast to enjoy it with my friend and have her show me around town. But this was all planned right before I was married. After we got married and I came back from our minimoon, it was time for me to fly out and I realized I was staying an extra day out of town and I didn’t want to. (This is very unlike me as I LOVE to travel). But something inside me just wanted to get out on the first red eye as soon as I could and desperately get home to my husband and dog (my family). 

As for Hector, somehow I can feel that he is more committed to me as well and we’re both closer in a way that I never knew was even possible – it feels wonderful.

Our Modern Latina Bride Gets Married!

Did anything change once you got married?