Our Modern Latina Bride Feels Pressure to Send Out Thank You Notes

The last couple of months have consisted of planning a wedding, having a wedding, going on a honeymoon, and then traveling for over the past two weeks to four different cities for work. Needless to say, it's been a whirlwind of events. It wasn’t until this week that I finally felt like things finally started to slowly get back to normal— and then Hector (the hubby) reminded me that I have to send out our Thank You notes for the wedding!

My husband and I are very different, even complete opposites in some ways. This dynamic in a relationship can be great or really bad and I count my lucky stars that we’re part of the great and we balance each other out.

But, that’s not to say that sometimes our differences don’t test our patience from time to time, like with the Thank You notes for example. Since I have been so stressed and busy lately I just want to take a break of all things wedding (except for this blog!) and wait for things to settle down for a minute before taking the time to handle the 100+ cards we have to mail. I’ve also heard you have about a year to send out the noted, so you know I’m taking full advantage of the extra time. But Hector is a man who wants everything done "yesterday," and he keeps reminding me to send out the cards. Besides being an extremely proactive person, he also feels that it’s weird to see our guests post wedding before we've had a chance to thank them.

Is that really so rude? I must admit, I am a bit confused as to what the proper etiquette is when thanking your guests. If I see them before they get my thank you card, should I just thank them in person or should I keep my mouth shut and wait until they receive my card to express how thankful we are? Either way, I do not intend on waiting a year before thanking my guests, but it would be nice to have a few months before I take on another bridal task.