Our Modern Latina Bride Debates her Bridal Registry

With the wedding date changed, I’ve been very lackadaisical when it comes to continuing the planning process. However, time flies and soon enough my wedding will be right around the corner. If I don’t get back to it I’ll be scrambling in the last minute trying to get things done.

So, I’m back on track and adding items to my bridal registry that I didn’t have time to add the first time around (unfortunately, I was in a huge rush), so it was great to have the luxury to actually think about what I wanted. As I was in the store tagging away (I said “I” because I happily registered solo), I kept debating if the items were too expensive for my guests. I really didn't want to be tacky.

I just read about Tony Romo’s bridal registry fiasco and how so many of his guests were taken aback by his requests for multiple cupcake stands and $6 french fry holders—since he's a millionaire, some felt it was awkward that he had silly items he can obviously afford 10 times over on his registry. Now I'm sort of paranoid about just choosing items for the hell of it, so I went the complete opposite route of Tony and his bride!

When I was done, I realized I didn’t choose things I really loved because I felt guilty about prices. To make matters worse, one friend literally told me, "Why did you put so many inexpensive things on your registry?!” Now I’m confused about whether or not I did the right thing by putting everyone else first...