Our Modern Latina Bride Debates a Gift for her Husband-to-be

When Hector and I began planning our wedding we kind of decided against giving each other presents. I know many people believe it’s a tradition, but we figured a wedding is enough money and our honeymoon can be our gift to each other. And honestly, I don’t even know the meaning behind the “tradition”. However, now that the date is getting closer I am seriously considering gifting him something. I know my man, and he is always surprising me with gifts and I would feel terrible if he surprises me once again on our wedding day and I didn’t return the gesture. Even if he sticks to our agreement I wouldn’t mind surprising him for once since he does it on a regular basis for me. I think it would be nice, but I know it’s unnecessary.

My other issue is if I do decide to get him a gift, what should it be? Do I get him an expensive timeless piece (which he already has) like cufflinks, a watch, or a briefcase? I know some women who have given the groom an album filled with Boudoir photos, which is basically sexy photos of yourself that remind the groom how lucky he is to be marrying you. I guess it’s kind of a battle between an emotional gift versus a materialistic gift? Help me decide what to do!