Our Modern Latina Bride Celebrates Her Bachelorette Party!

And the countdown begins! I am just three days away from my wedding and this weekend my friends and family did a great job sending me off to the great uknown—married life.

We had cocktails at a lounge, dinner at a restaurant, and dancing at a club...in other words, it was perfect! I’m sharing some photos (the ones I can post anyway) to walk you through my girl’s night out. It was filled with love, fun and (just a few) cocktails.

Tell me what you did for your bachelorette party in the comments below!

1. Bachelorette Intro

I patiently waited in my fab hotel room for the night at The Carlton Hotel for all my friends to arrive. Of course, like true Latinas, they were all late.


2. Bachelorette 1

After getting to our meeting place, the bar of the seafood brasserie, Millesime, in the Carlton Hotel, which was a nice way to ease into the celebrations with it’s dim lighting, live jazz band, and sexy ambience.

3. Bachelorette 8

Following bachelorette traditions, I was FORCED to wear a garter belt that said “bachelorette” and if that wasn’t enough attention I also had a blinking “bachelorette” button to go along with it.

4. Bachelorette 10

We got to the Puerto Rican restaurant Sazon and I was ready to eat!

5. Bachelorette 11

But first a “cheers”!

6. Bachelorette 14

While we ate, the music at Sazon kept on getting louder until it felt like a mini club and my friends had no problems getting up and getting the party started.

7. Bachelorette 17

I was so overwhelmed with joy and laughter.

8. Bachelorette 19

Now, we move on to the next place. The best what I call “Spanglish” club where they play both English and Spanish music, Phuket!

9. Bachelorette 21

Popular Latino party promoter and friend, Eric Soler, made sure to show us a good time – here comes the bottle service!!

10. Bachelorette 23

We danced out little hearts out, good times!

11. Bachelorette 24

My friends are the absolute best!

12. Bachelorette 12

It felt so good to be able to end the night at The Carlton Hotel suite for some R&R, which I desperately needed.


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