Our Modern Latina Bride on the Bridesmaids Dilemma

Since I’ve announced my wedding date, the amount of people who have offered to help in the process has been incredible. It’s been very telling of how much love we have around us, which makes me confident in knowing our day will be special because it will be filled with people who truly wish us well. Among these great people are many women – women that I love from all aspects of mine and Hector’s life. I have close cousins, childhood friends, adult life-long friends, and a sister of my own, not to mention all these types of women in Hector’s life as well. When it comes to a wedding, when you think of the special women in both of your lives you naturally wonder who will be your bridesmaids.

I have yet to decide on my bridesmaids roster, but with hints from these lovely ladies such as random emails with the subject line “IF YOU DECIDE TO HAVE BRIDESMAIDS” and attachments of dress ideas or simply just asking who my bridesmaids will be has me stressing. I know this is a terrible way to think, but sometimes I say to myself, “why can’t we be one of those couples that has a tiny family that’s not too social, therefore only a handful of friends, so I can easily invite 50 people to the wedding with maybe a nice amount of about 3 bridesmaids?” I’m sure in any other situation other than this one I wouldn’t want to be one of those people, but right at this moment it sure sounds nice. I am an indecisive person as it is and having so many special women in my life, while it’s a wonderful thing, has made it very difficult to narrow the list down. I don’t want any of these women to feel hurt or like they’re not as important. Do I just include my childhood girlfriends (that’s about six girls)? But then what about the girls that I’ve been close with for almost 10 years? Or do I include family and have all of my cousins including my sister (that’s at least eight girls)? And, I am still not even considering the women in the groom’s life as it is OUR wedding— must I include them – at least one or two of them – as well? As you can tell, I have many questions, concerns, anxiety…I just can’t decide what to do!

Is there a guideline for this as there is for your wedding guest list? Should I say screw it and walk solo at the wedding?