Our Modern Latina Bride is Afraid of the “D” word

You know how when someone close to you is pregnant, all of sudden it seems like every single woman you see is pregnant?

Well, I kind of feel that way with the “D” word: DIVORCE. Now that I am so close to my wedding date, I feel like I keep on hearing about people getting divorced and with the whole J.Lo and Marc Anthony breakup, the word is being thrown around everywhere and it freaks me out!

I know marriage is not easy—or else all of these couples would not be separating, but I honestly have complete faith in Hector and I. We’ve been through so much and have overcome enough to make us a strong and solid couple that can deal with any obstacles in the future. But, it's still scary because I would think J. Lo and Marc felt the same way when they decided to stick by each other through “the good and bad times.”

I know I just have to be strong and know what Hector and I have is special and focus on marriages that have stood the test of time like Emilio and Gloria Estefan or the many non-celeb couples I know in my life.

Any advice on making a marriage last?