#NetflixAndCheating? Here's How Many People Binge Watch Without Their Partner

#NetflixAndCheating? Here's How Many People Binge Watch Without Their Partner
FTP Edelman

New reports show cheating is on the rise, but luckily it's not the type of cheating you're accustomed to.

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A new study reveals that 48% of couples are "cheating" on one another when it comes to their Netflix binges. This means one partner goes against the other and continues a TV binger, without the other partner present — a big, big no-no if you happen to be a Netflix obsessee yourself. 

The survey, conducted by SurveyMonkey in December of 2016, showed that the cheating happens regardless of the bingers' age, gender, or background. Some people, however, are more prone to pressing "play next episode" than others. Brazil and Mexico are home to the most cheaters (57-58%, respectively), whereas other countries such as Germany and Poland were loyal to their partners. The cheaters aren't just binging on reruns of Friends, though. They're diving into Netflix's best and newest releases, most notably including Orange is the New Black and The Walking Dead.

And though cheaters know what they're doing is wrong, they simply can't handle the suspense of the next episode. More than two thirds said they were unfaithful to their streaming partner simply because of the desire "to find out what's next." These unfaithful folk aren't only binging while you're at the gym: Up to 27% happens when their partner falls asleep – a form of cheating that many don't consider to a legitimate crime.

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You're either one of two partners in a relationship: The one who loyally waits for the other to continue on a Narcos binge, or the other who sneakily takes out the laptop and holds back gasps during an exciting episode. Hopefully, neither is a deal breaker. Check out the infographic below for more stats on Netflix cheating: