The 10 Most Expensive Sex Toys, Ever!

For some people, money is no object. (Lucky!) And while some may spend their dollars on cars, clothes or jewelry, others might want to make it a little more personal. Yes, we’re talking sex toys. While you may not be able to afford them, you can’t deny that these are some outrageous additions to your goodie drawer. Here are the most expensive sex toys:


Pearl Royal

Price: $1 Million Dollars

As Bruno Mars puts it, “I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad!” And if we were, we might splurge on this. This luxurious piece of fun is as pricey as a house in the Hollywood Hills, encrusted with diamonds, pearls and sapphires. That’s because it’s encrusted with diamonds, pearls and sapphires. Don’t forget that it’s solid platinum, darlin’. 


Victor Phantasm

Price: $59,000

If you want a memorable wedding proposal, hint at this bad boy to your future spouse. The Victor Phantasm was created by Maison Victor just for your special occasion. The expensive sex toy is an 18-carat gold dildo. But there’s so much more. When your love unscrews its diamond-studded base (and screws you later) you will find the included 18-carat gold ring set. Did I mention it’s surrounded by 27 diamonds? 


The Sex Doll

Price: Up to $25,000

Forget your inflatable dolls. Designers have successfully created sex dolls that look and feel like a human being. Costs for the real deal can go as high as $25,000. It all depends on specifications. If you want special facial expressions, skin tone, or even ears (maybe you like them big), it’s going to cost you. You can even create a doll after your favorite porn star or a former lover. 


Lelo’s Inez Gold

Price: $15,000

The Lelo’s Inez is a gold-plated vibrator crafted from 18-carat gold. What makes it so posh? Control, ladies. Its specially designed egg bend has a lock mechanism that prevents it from turning on unless you want it to. Don’t forget to ooh and ah with your pinky up as you relish in its beauty. You see, this sex toy comes in a pretty package. With a fashionable wooden box, it may be just as sophisticated as you.  


The Gold Tickler

Price: $4,506

Tickle me interested! The Gold Tickler is another expensive sex toy with pizzazz. Adorned in feathers of marabou (that’s a stork) this exotic sex toy comes from Italy. It may be small but who wouldn’t want to have stork feathers near their private parts? Anyone? Anyone? Ok, maybe it’s just pretty! 


Paradise String of Pearls

Price: $4,254

A design from Betony Vernon, this string of pearls will send you to paradise. The round gold balls are placed around the ring for a sexual massage to your clitoris. And you wear it as an accessory. Slip it on your middle finger to later have some fun. Wear it to a fiesta and then slip into the bathroom for some one-on-one hanky panky. 


Betony Vernon Unicorn Butt Plug

Price: $3,475

Another sex toy from Betony Vernon, the Unicorn Butt Plug is as special as, well, a unicorn. With its authentic horse hair tail, this anal sex toy also has a silver spiral shaft that resembles a unicorn. The head resembles a horn and the mane is so soft you’d swear you were flying high with a mystical animal. Oh yeah!


Platinum Vibrator Encrusted with Diamonds


Price: $3,250


More of a piece of art, the Platinum Vibrator is adorned with 28 conflict-free encrusted diamonds at the base. But it’s not just pretty to look at. It works wonders for the G-spot and for clitoral stimulation. You can warm it up or put it in the fridge to cool it down. Plus, it’s quiet when used. 


Sterling Silver and Cherry Wood Spanking Rod


Price: $3,066


It’s a stick for over three thousand dollars! And it’s perfect for spanking. No, seriously. People buy this for some S&M love. Forget your whips and chains. Get this sexy sterling silver rod and do some damage. We’re sure those who enjoy pain will enjoy the expensive paddling. Ouch! 


Lelo Earl

Price: $2,590

A man’s prostate should never be ignored, and that’s why we have the Lelo Earl. This 24K gold-plated anal toy can be warmed or cooled to stimulate the prostate. Kept in an elegant wooden gift box, the Lelo Earl comes with goodies, including matching cufflinks and a satin pouch. Top that with a 1-year LELO warranty and you’re set for a long time of pleasure.