Study Shows Men Are Not Colorblind When Dating

Study Shows Men Are Not Colorblind When Dating

While it may seem like paying no mind to race is a good thing, a study by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships shows that men who claim to be "colorblind" are actually more inclined to select a date based on skin color. 

To conduct this study, researchers selected 124 straight college men, half black and half white. The men were then asked to rate the online dating portfolios of three black women and three white women. The trend? For the most part, men rated women of their own race higher. Perhaps more startling, though, the men who claimed not to notice race were more likely to prefer white women.

Furthermore, the study revealed "a greater endorsement of multicultural ideological beliefs was associated with increased interracial attraction."

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In essence, the study emphasized the relationship between perception and attraction, revealing that those who were aware and understanding of other cultures were much more likely to be attracted to women outside their own race.