Meet Our New Modern Latina Bride!

Latina magazine's Managing editor (and all-around awesome chica) Yuliana Gomez planned her whole fairy tale wedding in just six months! We knew she was organized, even we were super impressed, and think you will be too. This is her story of becoming a Modern Latina Bride...

After so many years of going to family weddings and friends’ weddings, I knew that when my time came, I wanted something intimate, simple, elegant—and most importantly, I didn’t want to spend years or even too many months planning! As I came to find over the past few months, my idealized vision and reality were hard to negotiate.

Everything started happening for Chris and I when he proposed while we were on vacation this past May. We were visiting the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia, and on our last night out at dinner, he took out a stunning 3-diamond ring and asked me to be with him forever. Honestly, the details of what he said are blurry—I was so ecstatic, it was a really magical moment. We had known for months that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! At that point we had been living together for over a year, and in a relationship for two and a half. Conversations about marriage and kids had already happened, so it was only a matter of actually making it official.

In the days that followed, we had to come down from cloud nine and get down to business. First, we had to agree on the most important date of our lives: When would the wedding happen? Chris and I are both really organized (being the managing editor of Latina really helps when it comes to planning and dealing with looming deadlines), so we decided that instead of spending interminable months planning our day, we would do it all by November. Why November? For one, we both love the fall, temperatures have not dipped to mind-numbing levels yet here in New York and the leaves would be in their full autumnal glory. Plus, we met at a November wedding, so it was a significant month for both of us.

I know it may sound a bit crazy to think that a whole wedding could be planned and executed in six months—without a wedding planner and while we both worked full time!—but over the next few weeks, I’ll show you exactly how I did it. Follow me to find out all the strategies and little tricks that we learned in order to make it a reality. Believe me, it can be done, I promise! You just need to be organized.

When it comes time to plan your big day, how much time do you hope to have to pull it all together?