Meet Our New Blogger: Verky Arcos, A Modern Latina Bride

For as long as I’ve been working at Latina, I’ve been in a relationship with Hector. And, just like in my job, I’ve dedicated time and energy into my relationship to make it lasting and successful. Fast-forward three years and I am the Fashion Market Editor at the magazine and still going strong with my live-in boyfriend. Everything was going according to plan in both areas of my life until one day my personal life skyrocketed.

It was the end of a very long New York City Fashion Week in September and, unlike most days, I asked Hector to pick me up from work in his car. As always, he came with no questions asked. As I headed downstairs to meet him, I realized the passenger door was open, but there was no Hector in sight. Confused, I walked closer toward the car and to my surprise, there was my honey in the middle of the street, on bended knee, flowers in one hand, and a stunning cushion-diamond ring in the other. I was shocked – primarily because he was proposing, and secondly, because the ring was so beautiful. All I kept saying was, “Oh my goodness!” until I finally realized Hector had asked me to be his wife and I had yet to answer, so I naturally and ecstatically said, “Yes!” I was on cloud nine for quite a while and then it hit me…I have to plan a wedding!

I was never that girl that knew exactly the type of wedding she wanted from the time she was five, so I knew I had a lot of thinking to do. I’m usually a super chill girl, but just thinking of the decisions I’d have to make (finding a venue, photographer, dress, caterers, etc.) already had me overwhelmed. So, early in the wedding planning process I decided I would not allow this one (very special) day to turn me into Bridezilla. Still, the question remained: to have or not to have a traditional Latin wedding.

Having been a part of so many family weddings, I knew what I’d be in store for if I had your typical wedding or, in other words, let the parents have their way. I’d be dealing with the cousins of the cousins on my guest list, kids ranging from newborn to tweens running rampant and falling asleep at the dinner table, unsolicited opinions and comments, and simply excess drama that I’m no good for. All that said, I am Latina and looove my culture, especially how we celebrate, so for my wedding I knew I had to be strategic to pull off a classy, intimate affair with some Latin traditions sprinkled in and our signature sense of free-spiritedness that always makes a party a par-tay.

Follow me on my 13-week journey as I attempt to create a drama-free day that’s the perfect blend of modern and traditional, a true wedding of the times. Trust me when I say May 22, 2011 will be a day to remember! Every Wednesday I’ll keep you posted on the decisions I have to make along the way, and I hope to hear any suggestions or advice you former brides, brides-to-be, or the girls who have envisioned their weddings since age five may have. 

Hasta pronto