Is It Lust or Love? 5 Ways to Know For Sure

When the stars align — or when Tinder works in your favor — a new bae will enter your life, bringing on a whole new slew of ups and downs. But will it be lust (that deep craving for sex or for another individual) or love (a true, genuine connection and caring for another)?

Though these two ideas overlap, they are far from one in the same, so we're breaking it down once and for all.

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1. Lust or Love: Sex

Is it only about sex?

Of course, having chemistry in the bedroom is of the utmost importance, but an obsession or fixation on sex can be detrimental. After time, you and your partner will get bored, or always be looking for the next best thing in bed.

2. Lust or Love: Secrets

Do you keep secrets?

A couple in love has no walls, boundaries or secrets. Ofentimes, a couple in lust holds back their true self.

3. Lust or Love: Friendship

Do you have a deep, lasting friendship?

If so, you may be well on your way to loving your partner. A relationship built on a foundation without frienship has little to fall back on.

4. Lust or Love: Jealous

Do you often feel jealous or needy?

A couple in love is one that trusts one another, regardless of the situation. A couple in lust, who looks only to sex, often finds reasons to be jealous of others' wandering eyes.

5. Lust or Love: Perfection

Do you expect perfection from your partner? 

Being in love means being accepting of every flaw, imperfection and otherwise from your partner. Those in lust, however, often expect them to look perfect, perform perfect, and act perfect around friends and family for the relationship to appear good.