This Star Wars-Loving Couple Dueled With Lightsabers For An Incredible First Dance

My boo and I have decided against a traditional wedding. Instead of a church wedding (sorry, mami!), I am walking myself down a sandy aisle somewhere in the Caribbean. Yes no one is giving me away! I don’t want to have any bridesmaids or groomsmen, and I'm axing performances and all centerpiece giveaways. I am not planning a father/daughter dance, and my boo isn’t dancing with his mama. The one tradicion we will keep is our first dance as husband and wife.

PLUS: This is (Literally!) the Most Magical First Dance We've Ever Seen

Many couples have chosen to buck tradition and do teir own thing on their special day. Screenwriter Robert Raven and his new wife, Rebecca, decided to follow their traditional first dance with a lightsaber duel. As the Star Wars score played, the newlyweds swayed hips and swung swords. May the force be with them! 

Congrats to the newlyweds for throwing convention to the wind and making their wedding their own! That’s exactly how it should be.