Hot Couple of the Week: Jackie Rodriguez & Angel Romero

Last week, we kicked off our Latino & Engaged: Hot Couple of the Week column, where we introduced a pair of lovebirds to our readers.

We’re a sucker for love stories at Latina and we're excited for you to meet our second couple of this series: 34-year-old Angel Romero and 31-year-old, Jackie Rodriguez. Romero, who works for an emergency SWAT team in New Jersey, met Rodriguez (a designer’s assistant) a decade ago in a club.

Both began with some common ground; their separate sets of friends had dragged them there. As he scanned the club-setting, Romero [who is Puerto Rican] noticed his future fiancée (and future mother of their adorable daughters) from across the club – and moved on from there.

Read this hot couple’s history below:

How did you two meet?

Jackie: I was dragged out of my house because all my girlfriends wanted to go out one night. I was going through something and didn’t want to go – I wanted to stay home. We ended up at this club called Cocobongo’s. I was sitting down and my friends were like ‘Let’s go dance.’ I was just like, ‘No, let me just sit here for a bit.’

Then, I happened to see him across the bar, looking at me. I told my friend, ‘He’s looking straight at me.’ She told me not to look at him, so I turned away… but every time I looked away and would turn back, he kept getting closer. And before you know it, he was right behind me. I couldn’t help it – I looked at him again, and he asked me if he could buy me a drink. I was like, ‘Oh I don’t know, can you?... Sure why not?’ That was his pick-up line.

Angel, what drew you to Jackie that night?

I’m not a clubbing guy but I went out with some of my friends who wanted to go out. I’m not a drinker either, but that night I did. The place was so packed, but I noticed Jackie. She had on a striped shirt. She tells me now that she didn’t, but I remember that. She stood out from everybody else. I told my friend, ‘Wow, look at that girl. She’s hot.’ I was very interested and had never bought anybody a drink before. I thought that was the corniest thing ever… but that’s what I did.

Jackie, what drew you to Angel?

To be honest? When I saw him, I thought he was really hot. He was the guy I’ve always dreamed of – his smile, dimples, his chinky eyes and black hair. And he had been working out. You know Mario Lopez? Angel looks in between Mario Lopez and Keanu Reeves. And I love Keanu Reeves. He’s also very dedicated, clean, organized, and very family-oriented. He also comes from a great family – every other week, we had to go to family gatherings.

Angel, when did you know that Jackie was the one?

I don’t know, but the night that we met, I told her I was going to marry her. I remember that. We were really attracted to each other and hit it off really good. I bought her a rose. Everything I had never done, I did. I bought her a rose, a drink. We danced all night, and I’m not a dancer. Usually I want to leave early, and I was one of the last ones there, with her.

Jackie, when did you know that he was the one?

I’ve been through a lot with school and was in debt, and he really helped me out a lot. We weren’t even married, and I thought to myself, ‘He doesn’t have to do this, but he is.’ He also helped me out emotionally – he’s been very supportive. I think all those traits together are so important. Plus, we communicate. You just know. I’m not saying our relationship has been perfect. You have to overcome the worst together to see that you’re meant to be together. If we broke up, it never lasted more than a day. He calls me, or I call him.

Tell us about the night of the proposal.

Angel: I proposed about a year ago. I took her to a nice restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey. I knew what ring she liked, so I picked it up. I told her that something happened at work and I was upset – and that I wanted to go to dinner. She agreed. At dinner, I asked her where this relationship was going, and that it was either time for us to move on, or move to the next level. I had a friend who was a bartender at the restaurant and he and his co-workers placed the ring in her drink. It took a while because she drinks slowly. So finally, I was like ‘You have something in your drink!’ And she was like ‘Oh my God, what is that?!’ I didn’t even have to ask her – she knew.

Jackie, what went through your head when that happened?

I didn’t know it was there yet. He was talking to me about his job… and I was listening, drinking away. I kept putting more and more champagne in. Angel doesn’t usually order champagne. At this point, you’re a little tipsy… you don’t usually look into your cup. I was like ‘Oh s***. There’s something in there!’ It was a beautiful ring. It was sweet and unexpected. I had been waiting to be asked for a while, but you can’t ask the guy, ‘Hey, when are you going to propose to me?’

Tell us about your wedding plans.

Jackie: My mom is a party planner and is helping me out with this. I’m Catholic and was thinking of doing something small here in New Jersey and then doing something big in my country [Colombia]. With 10,000 dollars, you can have a huge place to hold your wedding, with a pool and place where people can sleep over.

What are you most looking forward to after you’re married?

Angel: We want to have a family. I come from a big family… my grandmother had 11 kids. Hers did too.

Jackie: I’ve always wanted to have a nice family. Those are part of our plans, and to travel.