Hot Couple of the Week: Chellie Mejia and Rosco Rodriguez

We’re excited to present our latest lovebirds from our Latino & Engaged: Hot Couple of the Week column!

Meet Chellie Mejia and Rosco Rodriguez, both 27 years old. The couple met through mutual friends back in 2008. Mejia (who is part-Dominican) would bump into Rodriguez (who was born and raised in Mexico City) at social events, but the two didn’t really begin talking until they added each other on Facebook.

Engaged since 2009, Mejia and Rodriguez now have a beautiful 2-year-old son named Nico Crue, who was named after Motley Crue. Yes, the Motley Crue.

The couple lives in Toronto, where Mejia juggles being a realtor, columnist, and blogger, and Rodriguez earns a living as a graphic designer/photo editor. Mejia and Rodriguez plan on tying the knot this upcoming May.

Read their story below:

How did you two meet?

Chellie: We actually met through mutual friends - one of my friends was dating one of his friends at the time. We'd see each other at random social events, but didn't really start talking until we added each other on Facebook. From that point on, I don't think we've gone even a day without speaking.

Chellie, what drew you to Rosco?

Definitely his intensity! He was always really intense in this Wentworth Miller-Prison Break kind of way, and I just found it really intriguing and very attractive.

Rosco, what drew you to Chellie?

Chellie was just a cute girl, not just looks-wise, but also in her personality. She was always smiling, happy and eating Skittles. It was adorable.

Chellie, when did you know Rosco was the right person for you?

I think I knew after I became close to his family too. I’m a strong believer that when you marry a person, you marry their family too, and I come from a really big and close family – so I knew I wanted to end up with someone who was that way as well.

Rosco, when did you know Chellie was the right person for you?

I knew probably after the first couple of months of talking to her. It was just always so easy – even when we argued, it was easy. I couldn’t imagine another couple working as well as we work.

Tell us about the day of the proposal.

Chellie: We were in Mexico City having breakfast in the restaurant of the Galeria Plaza in Zona Rosa, and he asked me to marry him there. I thought it was perfect because we’d spent so much time there on our trips, and it just made complete sense to me. 

Chellie, what went through your head after he asked you?

I think my reaction was not typical at all of girls that have just been proposed to! I wasn’t surprised. I just remember this overwhelming feeling of calm. It just made sense… I don’t know how else to explain it. How could I not marry the man who makes my life make sense?

Tell us about your wedding plans. How’s that going?

We are getting married this May at the San Francisco de Asis church in Mexico City and our reception is being held at the Quinta Maja gardens close by. I’m doing everything I dreamed of doing: there’s a giant fountain, I’m wearing a Vera gown, a separate reception dress, we have a mariachi playing, and we’ll have a taco bar! It’s going to be colorful, vibrant and fun! But right now, it’s just super stressful.

What are you most looking forward to after you’re married?

Chellie: I’m looking forward to being a wife! I’m really traditional in that sense.  I want to take care of our home, take care of my husband, and create a happy home for our little family. I’m excited about the little things, like fresh flowers on the kitchen table and baking on Saturday afternoons. It’s corny, but I’m excited.

Rosco: I’m looking forward to nothing changing at all. Chellie’s already one of the most important people in my life. This is really just letting the world know that.