Couple of the Week: Yanika Muñoz and David Perez

They were fairly young when they met.

Yanika Muñoz was 14, and David Perez was 15. They were just California neighbors back then – who knew that they would fall for one another?

Over a decade has passed since then, and Muñoz (now 25) and Perez (now 26) is now happily engaged with a baby son. Read about our new Couple of the Week below:

How did you two meet?

Yanika: David and I first met in 2001, when I was 14 he was 15. He lived down the street from me and we met through other kids. We were basically neighbors.

Yanika, what drew you to David?

David's aura drew me in. He wasn’t my type then, but I just had to talk to him. It was so weird.

David, what drew you to Yanika?

Her beautiful looks!

Yanika, when did you know that David was the right person for you?

The second time we kissed, I knew he was my soul mate.

David, when did you know that Yanika was the right person for you?

I knew Yanika was the one when she stood by my side no matter what.

Tell us about the day of the proposal.

Yanika: He proposed to me on Nov. 10, 2012. We went to dinner at the Santa Monica Pier and later decided to ride the Ferris wheel. I was so scared and nervous and David said to me, “Come on babe, this is romantic." So I closed my eyes, laid in his arms and relaxed. He then told me how much he loves me and asked me if I loved him. I said, “Of course,” and he asked, “Do you want to be with me forever?” I told him I did, so he got on his knee and proposed to me. I was in so much shock! I hugged him and said yes. We were both crying happy tears. The wheel stopped and he was still on his knees, so we got out and just sat and talked on a nearby bench. It was amazing.

Yanika, what went through your head after he asked you?

So many things went through my head. My dress. The wedding, Our life. But the biggest thing was.... “Finally!!!”

Tell us about your wedding plans. How’s that going?

Yanika: The wedding plans are a bit hectic because we are paying for everything ourselves. It’s a bit hard because we can’t afford too much, even though our dream is to have a fairytale wedding. No matter what, we will be happy because we are together.

What are you most looking forward to after you’re married?

Yanika: What I’m looking forward to most is calling him my husband! He has been my boyfriend for 11 long years. It’s time [Laughs]. Also, just growing old and having more kids.

David: What I look forward to the most is having a life with Yanika and our son Nate as a complete family.