Couple of the Week: Sophia Navedo and Pablo Rivera

We’re excited to introduce our new Couple of the Week!

Meet Sophia Navedo and Pablo Rivera. The 23-year-olds are true high school sweethearts and have a lot in common; they both have military background and hail from the same town in Puerto Rico (Carolina).

Read their story below:

How and did you two meet?

Pablo: We met in October 2005 at our high school homecoming football game. I had seen Sophia in the hallways a couple times of times – she had caught my eye. One day, I spotted her talking to one of my friends, so I went up to her and said: “Hey Kevin, watch out because I heard she was Puerto Rican.” From then on, we began to talk and that sparked a lifelong relationship.

Sophia, what drew you to Pablo?

There weren’t that many other Latinos at our school so when we started talking about our families and similar experiences we had had back home in Puerto Rico, I just knew he was my match. We just had so much in common; we were from the same town in Puerto Rico, we had Army families, we loved the same music, we both were into dancing salsa. It just made sense and not to mention that when I first met him… he was a pretty smooth talker. Well actually… he still is.

Pablo, what drew you to Sophia?

What drew me to Sophia at first was her amazing beauty. I was attracted to the way she looked and admired the way she carried herself. However, I fell in love with her passionate personality. Sophia is funny, intelligent, and approaches life with an intrinsic desire to succeed. She is by far the most driven person I’ve ever met. It is her ability to lead and inspire others that drew me to Sophia and eventually encouraged me to propose.

Sophia, when did you know Pablo was the right person for you?

Pablo and I broke up during high school and soon after that, my family moved to a new duty station, but he still didn’t disappear from my life. Pablo always tried to stay in touch even if it was a card on my birthday, or a phone call on Christmas. I can’t lie, I always compared him to any other guy I dated. They just didn’t meet that standard. After years of him trying to reconnect with me, I gave us a second chance as sophomores in college. It was exactly what every girl wants in a relationship; kindness, respect, passion, support, and of course love.

Pablo, when did you know Sophia was the right person for you?

Surprisingly, I knew Sophia was the right fit for me when I was 16 years old. Through our interactions, I realized that we complimented each other extremely well. My weaknesses were her strengths and, together, we were a highly efficient team. I knew that I wanted to propose because she supported me so well throughout my experience at West Point. Sophia was my emotional rock from start to finish and, after I graduated, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Tell us about the day of the proposal.

Pablo: I wanted to propose in Puerto Rico and incorporate both of our families. Therefore, I designed a family day in Old San Juan and validated it with a desire to bring the families closer together. After dinner, I encouraged the families to walk around Old San Juan and take pictures along a preplanned route. I stopped Sophia next to her favorite fountain in the city – located just outside the Fortaleza. I posed for a quick picture, then got on one knee and asked her to marry me. Both families were right there and celebrated with us after she said ‘yes.’

Sophia, what went through your head after he asked you?

Oh wow, I couldn’t breathe. I saw it coming, but the feeling’s still incredible when your other half actually does it. Not to mention, I was so happy to have had my family (my parents who had traveled from Europe, and grandparents, and my brother who was living in the States) there to celebrate with us. Oh, and plenty of tourists as well! It was beautiful and exactly what I imagined as a young girl. He literally took my breath away and made my dreams come true. My answer to him was ‘Claro’.

Tell us about your wedding plans.

The wedding plans are coming together nicely. We have decided that we want to get married in Puerto Rico and are still looking for a venue as well as a wedding planner to help us out. We want to play up our cultural heritage and have it somewhere in Old San Juan. Our tentative wedding date is February 16, 2014. 

What are you most looking forward to after you’re married?

Sophia: Pablo and I are a power couple. We both have big dreams for our future (politics and leadership positions). Together, we’ll make it to the top! Our military careers will definitely test our bond, but I’m sure it’s only going to make us stronger. 

Pablo: I look forward to a strong partnership and the accomplishment of many great things. I am excited to see what new things we can achieve as we continue to support each other for the rest of our lives.