Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s Troubled History with Love

We may have been surprised by the news that Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony have decided to "end their marriage" but not everyone is, judging by the Facebook reaction to the news! And it is true that both Puerto Rican stars have never been lucky in love.

Back in 2010, Jennifer mused about her past relationships, telling Latina: “No one tells you that you have to work so hard at it. There’s a certain notion of the fairy tale that you talk about in your head, like, ‘If this is not working, then it’s not working, we’re not meant to be together.’ But you don’t find Prince Charming where everything is perfect—like you’re never gonna fight, you’re never gonna disagree, you’re never gonna have opposing points of view. That’s ridiculous, and it doesn’t exist.”

Here’s a side-by-side look at Marc and J.Lo’s troubled history with love.

Marc Anthony

Debbie Rosado, 1994-1995
Marc dated Debbie before he was super-famous and they have one daughter, Arianna Muniz, together. Debbie is a NYC police officer and she still couldn’t keep Marc in check!

Mira Sorvino, 1998
Marc briefly dated Mira Sorvino at the height of her fame, a few years after she won her Oscar for Mighty Aphrodite.

Dayanara Torres, 2000-2004
Marc’s most serious, and longest lasting relationship before J.Lo was with former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, with whom he has two sons, Cristian Anthony Muñiz (born February 5, 2001) and Ryan Anthony Muñiz (born August 16, 2003). Their marriage was tumultuous from the start and the couple were married not once, but twice, first in Vegas in 2000 and again in their native Puerto Rico in 2002.

Elizabeth Leyva, 2003 (?)
Marc apparently had a fling with Miami-based waitress and hostess while “on a break” with Dayanara Torres which resulted in the need for the singer to submit to a paternity test. Though Anthony claimed in a open letter to his fans that his womanizing wasn’t the cause of his split from Torres and was cleared as Leyva’s baby-daddy by the DNA test, he also never denied sleeping with Leyva and Torres blaimed his “philandering” for their ultimate split.

Jennifer Lopez

Ojani Noa, 1997-1998
Ojani was Jennifer’s first husband, who has recently been in the news for trying to hawk intimate videos of the pair's honeymoon to the highest bidder. Noa has recently claimed that Lopez’s wondering eye was the cause of their split, but it’s hard to believe pretty much anything he says.
Puff Daddy, 1998-2000
Jennifer Lopez hooked up with hip-hop star Puff Daddy in the late 90s, cementing her image as a down to earth B. Girl from the Bronx. But a violent confrontation in a NY nightclub on December 27, 1999 that ended in Puffy facing gun possession charges brought an end to their high profile romance.

Cris Judd, 2001-2002
Soon after her romance with Puffy fell apart, Lopez feel head over heels in love with back up dancer Cris Judd. The couple met in Spain on the set of her music video for “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”, and were married on September 29, 2001. They broke up shortly there after because J.Lo met…

Ben Affleck, 2002-2004
Remember when it felt like you couldn’t take a step without seeing Jen & Ben on the cover of a newspaper, magazine, in a movie together or dominating every single entertainment show on TV? But they both got cold feet ahead of their planned September 14, 2004 wedding and called it quits. Since then, both have said the intense media scrutiny lead to the demise of their relationship.