It’s Bachelorette Night For Our Modern Latina Bride!

My wedding was supposed to be this weekend, but rather than sulk around thinking about what would have been, I planned an unforgettable night of bachelorette fun for my best friend, Nercys, and I made sure she partied like a rockstar for her last night as a single woman! 

We kicked off the night with dinner at Cityhouse in midtown NYC, where I was able to get us a delicious pre-fixe dinner, which basically means there's no question as to how much you'll spend (bachelorette parties can get expensive, as you know!). As we indulged in our three-course meal, I brought up a few fun conversation points that made the bride-to-be the center of attention. We went around and all the girls told a funny story about a time they got drunk with the bride-to-be (admittedly, not all of the stories were pretty, but that's what was so fun about it!). We also played the "Create A Story" game, in which every girl added a sentence about the bachelorette to a story that already existed. 

After dinner, we headed to a club to have some real fun! Nercy loves to dance, so when I was planning her bachelorette party, I made sure to pick a place that had a great playlist! We also knew we wanted to hear some Spanish music like merengue and reggaeton, but also American hip-hop and pop hits. Most clubs I considered only specialized in one of those, that is, until I met a super-friendly promoter named Eric Soler, who told us Phuket Lounge was the place for us. The minute we got there, the music was definitely to our liking and needless to say, we danced the night away regardless of my four-and-a-half inch heels! It was a night to remember and me explaining it only does it a bit of justice, so for a better idea of the night, here are some photos documenting the night:


1. 052511 BB Pic1

I had the table ready and equipped with champagne and bachelorette party accessories.

2. 052511 BB Pic2

Of course, Nercys had to have a devil’s horns veil along with a "fling before the ring" sash.

3. 052511 BB Pic3

The convo games and jokes begin.

4. 052511 BB Pic4

We ended the great meal with most girls' favorite treat - chocolate.

5. 052511 BB Pic6

When we get to the club, we were greeted by Eric Soler to get the real party started.

6. 052511 BB Pic7

The bottle service girl was on her way!!

7. 052511 BB Pic8

Then she and Nercys bonded as we found out the bottle girl was getting married in Cartagena, Colombia next weekend herself!

8. 052511 BB Pic9


9. 052511 BB Pic10

We had drinks in hand and got to dancing the night away.

10. 052511 BB Pic11

Can you tell she loves to dance?!

11. 052511 BB Pic12

I finally allowed her to take the cheesy veil off.

12. 052511 BB Pic13

It was a wild and crazy night - as you can tell. Love my friends.