How to Talk Dirty to Your Guy in Spanish


You're in the heat of passion: He's licking your nipples, nibbling on your lower lip, pinching your thighs, booty, and waist, and he whispers, "Say something in Spanish." If you're a native English speaker like me, you may do a double take. I only speak Spanish to Mami, and I don't want to think about that (or her) mid thrust!

Still, you — I — go with it. If he wants you to talk dirty to him in Spanish, the least you can do is give it a try. So what do you say? What words and phrases in español will turn him on?

Here's how to dirty it in up in the bedroom con tu lengua:

Ay Papi!

That's how you start it off. There's just something about the word "papi" that drives men wild. I don't get it, but those two little paternal words get it up. So abandon your Daddy issues — there's a new papi in your life, and he's in between your legs.

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Damelo duro.

Call this the next level of Spanish-language dirty talk. While you're screaming, "Ay Papi!" he'll get excited and much more passionate. As his thrusts deepen and speed up, that's when you purr, "Damelo duro." He'll hit it rough all right, so make sure you can take it before you holler it.

Con cuidado, Papi! Eres enorme.

Mention his length and girth and he’ll be in penis envy heaven. Tell him he's a big boy even if he isn't. He knows he's not, but he doesn't need to hear it in bed. He needs to feel like he's so big you can't handle him! He needs to hear that he's the King of the castle and your vagina.

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