6 Ways to Master the Art of Hooking Up

6 Ways to Master the Art of Hooking Up

Some girls just want to have fun — and that includes knocking boots with someone and never having to see them again. The problem is sex can often complicate things. Feelings come up. Instead of hitting it and quitting it like you hoped, the guy wants to stay over or take you out to dinner. Stage 5 Clinger alert!

If you find yourself constantly having to push a hookup out the door, you need to master the game.

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Here’s how to have casual sex without taking on a boyfriend:

Choose the right guy

You shouldn’t hookup with your male BFF. Sure, it’s the safer bet, but you’ve already established an emotional connection with this man. You’ve built a bond with your pal and it will only deepen once he sees your orgasm face. Or he’ll suck in bed and you won’t be able to face him again. No bueno! Instead, hookup with the guy you hardly know. You know, the dude who keeps hinting at banging and is just waiting for your okay.

Do a bar pick up far, far away

When searching for a guy to hookup with, leave your neighborhood. You don’t want to have casual sex with a guy that frequents a local bar and fear bumping into him every time you want a drink. Stay away from meeting a hookup at your favorite places. Stick to the hole in the walls that you’ll never frequent again — ever!

Put him in his place

And his place is in and out of your bed! It can be difficult for women to bluntly state, “I’m just not into you,” but honesty is the best policy when just hooking up with a guy. Tell him that you’re only interested in sex for one night only. Skip the yawning and the “I have to get up really early tomorrow for work” speech and go straight for the chaser: You need to go, hombre!

No repeats

Speaking of one night only, casual sex with a guy you picked up is usually a one-time deal. If all you want is sex, he shouldn’t become your constant booty call. Again, that’s when feelings get involved. You get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company, and either you or him wind up connecting emotionally. That’s not the point of a hookup; so don’t sleep with him or her more than twice.

Demand respect

There’s this misconception that women who want to hookup don’t respect themselves. I like to see these women as liberated and sure of what they want, and that just happens to be casual sex with random people. Unfortunately, there’s a double standard at play. A guy might want to hookup with you but treat you like shit because you want the exact same thing. So when you meet your hookup, tell him what you want and show him you’re a confident and sexy mujer. Demand respect outright. If he’s being a sleaze ball, he’s not the guy to hookup with.

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Forgo social media

Or any contact for that matter. You shouldn’t send him a friend request or follow each other on Instagram or Twitter. And don’t give your hookup your phone number! Keeping in touch online, and off, leads to relationship building. If you want a boyfriend, go ahead and like each other’s photos and text cutesy “good morning” messages. If you just want to hookup, abort mission or prepare to change your status to “in a relationship.”