Hooking Up: How to Get It On Without Getting in Trouble

Hooking up is supposed to be fun and drama free. But, without the right precautions, a summer fling can turn into a lifelong nightmare. Simon Cowell is now in a doozy of his own: The bachelor and American Idol judge was recently caught yodeling a different tune - one of daddy-to-be!

But this is where the telenovela plot twist comes in: Simon Cowell is going to have a baby...with his best friend’s wife.

Talk about being caught sin pantalones!

He's not the only celebrity to have gotten himself in an interesting love debacle. In April 2004, Mario Lopez married Ali Landry. Two weeks later, she filed for annulment when she discovered he cheated at his bachelorette party the night before their wedding! His rep took a hit and in 2011 he came clean to Howard Stern, claiming, “It was spring break, [and] everybody was hanging out. That was a situation where I was not mature and man enough."

But scandals aren’t just reserved for men. The love triangle between Alejandra Guzmán, Paulina Rubio and Erik Rubin was scandalous and catty. The two cantantes even wrote songs about it. In 1991, Alejandra wrote "Hey Guera" to let Paulina know that the boy was indeed hers. Paulina retaliated with a song of her own entitled "Ese Hombre Es Mío.” And just as recently as 2010, Guzmán tweeted a photo where she donned a blonde wig with the caption, "Hey güera.” Let it go, ladies!

So, is it possible to have a hot rendezvous without getting in hot water? Of course! Here are some quick tips to get it on without getting in trouble.

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