Hooking Up: How to Get It On Without Getting in Trouble

Use Protection: If you don't use a Jimmy, chances are there will be a Jimmy Jr. nine months later. Use a condom!

Seek Out the Available: Having sexy times with a married man or woman may be exciting, but it won't be fun when you break a leg due to sneaking out a window, ala Gabriel Solis' lover in Desperate Housewives.

Be Honest About the Fling: If you just want a romp in the hay, why not just say? No need to drag others feelings into the mud.

See? That's not so hard is it. Celebs out there, take note, lest you want to join the Broken Leg Daddy Club.

Sujeiry Gonzalez is a relationship expert, writer and personality. She dishes on love, sex and relationships and provides relationship advice on LoveSujeiry.com.