Holiday Gift Guide for Him

You've checked out our guide to holiday gifts for the women in your life. Now it's time for the men!

It's often said that we ladies are the hardest people to shop for, but we beg to differ. Our brothers, nephews, fathers, novios and--well, the list goes on--can be just as picky, if not pickier. That's why we've rounded up the best gifts on the market for every kind of guy, from the discerning traveler to the couch potato.

Start here for our selection of presents, get your shopping list ready, and make sure he doesn't know how easy it was to find him the perfect gift this year...we promise not to tell!

1. Gift Guide For Him - Business

For the snazzy business man in your life, there is no better gift than well-tailored luxury. For starters, find out your guys measurements and order him a custom made shirt ($65, Be sure to pick up some classic Tiffany's cuff links and a sleek silver card holder to complete the look (cuff links, $150, card holder $275, Throw in What A Man Should Know by Max Blagg, featuring 50 essential principles (or minor refinements) for the way men live and your man will be ready to get down to business ($20, 

2. Gift Guide For Him - Tailgater

Does your boy's life revolve around pinstripes and mascots? Then this gift package for a dedicated tailgater is perfect for him! Start out with a portable grill from Design Within Reach, this little guy will take him from the patio to the parking lot in no time ($70, Throw in this limited edition Yankee stadium framed dirt collage featuring Mariano Rivera and make sure that no matter what, he'll always have a piece of the game ($199, Finish it off with a book that will help explain the science of it all, Why A Curveball Curves–The Incredible Science of Sports ($19.95, and you'll definitely hit a home run!

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4. Gift Guide For Him - Jock

Know any certified fitness freaks? The Nintendo Wii Fit is the perfect gift ($89.99, Fun and functional, the Wii Fit will have him laughing all the way to a six-pack, which we're sure you'll appreciate too! Add in this technologically advanced pair of Gel-Kinsei running shoes from Asics ($179.95, and a New Balance Via Motion Activity monitor ($49.95, and your guy will never be out of step.

5. Gift Guide For Him - Wine

For the wine aficionado, be sure to pick up the latest gadget! The wine soiree ($25, helps to aerate each glass as you pour, allowing the natural flavors of the wine to develop more fully before you drink it. Along with this grapevine wine rack ($100,, which makes bottles appear to float horizontally near the wall and this great bottle of Pio Cesare 2004 Barolo, rated #6 on the list of top 100 wines of 2008 (59.99,, your guy will be one step away from professional sommelier status.

6. Gift Guide For Him - Beer

For the beer drinker in your life, be sure to pick up an at-home microbrewery kit ($79.99, which comes complete with beer mix, a recipe book, keg, 8 amber bottles, and even labels! Round out the gift with some beautiful crystal Tiffany's beer mugs ($35, and this cast iron hammer bottle opener ($25.50, And if it's endless variety your man desires then sign him up for the beer of the month club ($20.95/month, Members receive twelve, 12-oz. beers from two different rare U.S. microbreweries every month.

7. Gift Guide For Him - Traveler

En route to his latest far-off destination, the traveling man will have no trouble adjusting to his new surroundings with this Charlotte van der Waals-designed World Time Clock ($74, and Flight 001’s Grab + Go Portables Kit ($35,, while a chocolate Waxwear Soft Duffle by Jack Spade ($495, will keep his belongings—and hopefully, a soon-to-be-yours souvenir—fashionably contained.

8. Gift Guide For Him - Couch Potato

It’s not like he needs an excuse to spend any more time lounging on the sofa, but why not help a couch potato indulge the classy way? Start with a Logitech Harmony 510 Advanced Universal Remote ($90, and Panasonic’s Blu-Ray DVD Player ($250,, then finish off with the ultimate 2008 DVD trifecta: Guillermo Del Toro’s cult freak show Hell Boy II: The Golden Army ($22,, HBO’s addictive war miniseries, Generation Kill ($42, and Heath Ledger’s villainous masterpiece, The Dark Knight (available 12/09 for $21, Oh, and don’t be surprised if he goes under the cover of darkness for weeks.

9. Gift Guide For Him - Dad

Show your love for a doting father with this leather Stork Sak Jamie Black Diaper Bag ($150,, a sleek retro Boombox radio ($85, and, if he’s got a bundle of joy on the way, a set of premium Macanudo Baron De Rothschild cigars from the Dominican Republic ($130 for 25,, which are actually recommended for both sexes. Will you try one if he offers?

10. Gift Guide For Him - Gamer

The gamer in your life is sure to get hyped over his new Sony Playstation 3 ($399, and the goods to match—a Gold Launchpad Tour simulator for PC/Mac/PS3 ($200,, NFL Madden '09 ($60, and  FIFA ’09 ($57, The latter can actually be considered a gift for you, too, if he decides to play soccer hotties Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham while you cheer him on in the background. Golazo!

11. Gift Guide For Him - Techie

Keep a techie looking stylish—with a fourth generation iPod Nano-Chromatic ($200, and the just as flashy Flexible Illuminated Keyboard ($27,—or supremely organized with the sanctuary charging station ($129, Thanks to you, he and his trusty gadgets will stay on point.