5 Super Simple Ways To Have More Hot Sex

Are you suffering from a less-than-ideal sex life and wondering just what you can do to spice things up? Sure, there’s going the Bondage 101 route and trying some new things--but then there’s the easier way. We’ve gone through all of the research and studies and found the 5 simplest ways to ensure that you have more sex. Trust us, these easy tasks will all help you steam things up between the sheets!

1. Have More Sex: Go Running Together

Go Running Together.

According to a new survey, couples that run together may be having more sex. Want a little bit more time between the sheets? Hit the pavement with your honey regularly and you might end up raising your arousal once you’re back home. 

2. Have More Sex: Cook A Meal Side-By-Side

Cook A Meal Side-By-Side.

Do you or your hubby love to be in the kitchen? Well, your fun may lead to a hotter sex life, too! According to a poll, couples admitted to sharing “intimate moments” with partners in the kitchen and almost one in 10 said it happens once a week. So, hey, put on that apron and get to cooking together!

3. Have More Sex: Settle In For Some XXX

Settle In For Some XXX.

This might surprise you, but watching porn together could actually be healthy for your relationship. According to a study, settling in for some XXX watching can make your relationship more committed and sexually satisfying. Now it’s time to turn on the telly!

4. Have More Sex: Let’s Tie The Knot

Yes, Let’s Tie The Knot.

Apparently, despite all of the jokes, being married actually DOES help you have a more satisfying sex life. Why? Well, a lot of it has to do with trust. That’s not too bad of a reason to put a ring on it!

5. Have More Sex: Masturbate With Each Other

Masturbate With Each Other.

AHEM... If you’ve never tried this particular trick, then you don’t know what you’re missing! It turns out that couples who masturbate in front of each other can help to create better intimacy and sex in the relationship. So let’s get to it...